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 Why we do what we do...

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...because we LOVE our LORD and desire for others to know Him the way we do! Here at RoofTop, our mission is simple..we desire to use the creative gifts Father has given us through our Lord Jesus the Christ to spread His Truth to the multitudes.

RoofTop Witness Wear, Inc. is just what you're most likely surmising from our name... We use clothing we have to wear and look at all day everyday as a means to share our Faith with the world. We have been taught the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ & WE ARE SHOUTING IT FROM THE RoofTops!!! Our RoofTops just happen to be our literal tops (shirts)! I mean hey, everyone stares at clothing everywhere everyday why not use it to further the Kingdom???


We offer a variety of custom designed family Christian clothing for men and women (children's on the way!). We will be expanding our product line soon to include items such as bags, pj's, jackets & vests, baseball caps, polo shirts, t- shirt dresses, and baby & pet clothing! Just to name a few : )...


To reiterate, the mission of our ministry is beyond simplistic. We are walking billboards for our Lord, using our God given gifts and putting them to work in the Kingdom spreading the Good News of our Saviour Jesus Christ..& looking cute while doing it!!! Each design was either directly given to us by Holy Spirit or heavily edited by Him before finalization : ) there is a personalized Script included with each one.

Community blog is coming back soon!!! There you will be able to share victories, struggles, and talents; or just chit chat with your Brothers & Sisters in a judgement-free environment. We will also share RoofTop's story of conception and things we think are cool!


With what we do (sell merchandise), we do not ask donations of our customers or visitors. But we will, of course, accept any gift of love Holy Spirit may place on your heart to give. May you receive blessings from our Most High God..and Thank You for spreading the WORD!!!

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