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What we hope to get done...

RoofTop Wear, Inc. is a family within the Family that wants to share with the world ALL the Lord is to us. All the Lord has done with and for us..and All of the love the Lord has showered upon us. Mosaic We is an interactive platform where we can connect with like hearts and minds. We have a space to share poetry/spoken Word, or any other Spirit inspired messages. RoofTop offers life altering Truth (the Word) that equips, edifies, and encourages anyone with a desire to know, or continue to grow in, Jesus. 

Your heart will be clothed with the Word of God, your soul with Biblical principles and testimony, and your flesh with fashion- forward quality threads!





for God so loves this world that He gave hIs Only begotten Son,
so that anyone who believes in Him will not perish, but will
(freely) receive eternal life (through the ONE GIFT for ALL TIME,
Jesus Christ). 

-John 3;16 (With Additions)

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