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Poetry Corner

For My Grandmother

Go through life here & there

No one stops to just think

We take things for granted everywhere

And it makes my heart sink

To ponder on all of the good & bad

And wish back on wonderful times

It makes me just a tad sad

Things are gone that were once mine

Family members & loved ones

Send me an angel's kiss

There are tons

But you are the one I most Dearly miss

In a better place they say

But why not with me?

I guess this is the best way

My eyes are open for now I can see

Everything happens for a reason

And we are all where we were meant to be.

                                                        - Serenite'

Heaven's Grocery Store

I was walking down life's highway, a long time ago.

One day I saw a sign that read, "Heaven's Grocery Store"

As I got a little closer, the door came open wide

And when I came to myself, I was standing just inside.

One handed me a basket & said, "Child, shop with care."

Everything a Christian needs is in that grocery store...

   -and what you can't carry, why, just go back for more!

First, I got some patience, love was in the very same row...

   further down was understanding, you need it wherever you go.

I got a box or two of wisdom, a bag or two of faith.

I can't miss the Holy Spirit, for it was all over the place!

I stopped for strength & courage to help me run this race...

   - though my basket was nearly full...I realized I needed grace!

I did not forget salvation, for salvation...

that was free!

   - so I tried to get enough to save both you and me.

Then I started for the counter to pay my grocery bill.

   For I thought that I had everything to do my Master's will.

But as I started up the aisle, I saw prayer...

   - I had to put it in.

     For I knew when I stepped outside, I'd run right into sin.

Peace & joy were plentiful, lying on the very last shelf.

Song & praise were hanging near, so I just helped myself.

Then I said unto the Angel, "How much do I owe?"

He smiled & said, "Just take your basket wherever you go!"

   Again I asked, "How much do I really owe?"

Still smiling he said, "Jesus paid your bill long, long ago.

                                                                                   - Daddy

Recipe for Encouragement

A pinch of friendliness

A dash of compliments

A cup of love

3 tablespoons of care

1 teaspoon of helping

A pint of respect

A big scoop of consideration

1/3 cup of sharing

A full cup of listening

Half a pint of cooperation

Get a bowl. Throw in a pinch of

friendliness. Crumble in a cup of

love. Add a dash of compliments.

Pour in 3 tablespoons of care.

Sprinkle in a teaspoon of helping.

Mix in a pint of respect. Knead

in 1/3 cup of sharing. Stir in a

full cup of listening. Place in

a big scoop of consideration. Mix 

in cooperation. Then place very

gently in the oven. Set timer for

eternity. Make sure feelings

don't get hurt again.


- written by fifth graders Kim Kentley, Maryann Hoots, and Donna Tidwell of Longfellow School in Spokane, WA

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