because HE said so

It's when Holy Spirit lives in us, we begin to see Him literally EVERYWHERE!!!

For instance, I was just watching TV and a Nationwide car insurance commercial came on. The man in the commercial said, "When you're used to being last, being put first takes some getting used to." Now if that ain't the TRUTH!!!

Holy Spirit illuminated that statement and began to speak...

We get so used to the being/living as less than, that when Poppa exalts us and lifts us high we don't know how to handle it! It feels uncomfortable. It's unknown to us. Some even fight to run back to the darkness!

That discomfort and doubt we feel is rooted in unworthiness, which branches from unrighteousness. We don't feel we're worthy because, if we're truthful ourselves, we don't truly believe Him. Feelings of unworthiness actually show us were our faith is. God says we're worthy, simply because He said so, not because of anything we've said or done. What does His Word say about His Righteousness as it pertains to those in Christ??? We have to get past our own understanding and learn to blindly believe Him! Stand on what the Word says NO MATTER WHAT! No matter what we see, hear, feel, or think we know.

The Lord told me He had a piece of property worth over a million dollars, a brand new vehicle, a husband, multiple publishing ventures, businesses, ministries birthed from my loins, etc. for me! He then went even further and SHOWED me..then confirmed by independently showing my Sis (over 3,000 mi away!), my two daughters, and one of my sons in their own open visions & dreams. Do you know I STILL had a hard time believing enough in my spirit to fully receive!?!?

As a matter of fact, I'm still on that very journey and I invite you to come along for the ride. I said to Him, "I give myself, wholly inside and out, my entire being to You. Use me as you will..not what I want, not what our babies want, but what You want." And I have the NERVE to sit here and act I don't know WHO i am or WHOSE I AM! How dare I?! Now I'm calling myself out! Enough is Enough! I'm challenging myself to practice what I teach! I invite you in (as far as He will allow) to watch His manifestation into my life as I publicly let go. I AM NOT ASHAMED any longer of my Lord, my Saviour Jesus Christ. He said it, not I will be strained NOR ashamed!

Well alright, that just kind of poured out... Hmm... Well, on that note I think I'll go and chill out for a while..interesting...

***Holy Spirit just said, "You don't receive fully because you don't expect wholly!!!"***

That's deep...

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